West Sud

Instrument transformers

Voltage transformers (VT) and current transformers (CT) for medium and low voltage applications.
The precision electro-mechanical manufacturing company Wattsud was established in 1960 in Naples.
In 2017 it became West Sud, keeping the historic Wattsud brand unchanged.
The firm is specialized in the design and manufacturing of Low and Medium voltage (up to 40 KV) instrument transformers with resin insulation and equipments for railway signaling.
The application of advanced technologies with the latest generation equipment and a management strongly oriented to quality, make the West Sud a modern company, a market leader, with excellent international references.
The very high manufacturing standards are guaranteed by final and on line controls at every stage of the production cycle, certified ISO 9001.

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Brochure West Sud

West Sud brochure

The company is specialised in BT and MT instrument transformers’ design and production and in railway signaling equipments.
Catalogo Media Tensione

Medium voltage catalogue

Current and Voltage transformers with insulation level between 7.2 kV and 36 kV; Voltage transformers in metal case.
Catalogo Bassa Tensione

Low voltage catalogue

Ring Core current transformers, with insulation level between 0.72 kV and 1.2 kV.
Catalogo Ferroviario

Railway products catalogue

Rail signalling equipment, inductive connection with copper or aluminium conductors, resonant filters.

West Sud at Hannover Messe 2019!

West Sud attended Hannover Messe 2019, the most important showcase in the world of technology and innovation.
Excellent reactions for our leading products: the cast-resin instrument transformers.

Thanks to our visitors and to everybody that made this fair extraordinary.

See you next year!