West Sud


West Sud - Wattsud main products are Instrument Transformers with resin insulation. The manufacturing range includes a large variety of CTs and VTs types to internal use up to 40 KV according to IEC and IEEE standards.

prodotti enel

Enel specifics-compliant products

Enel approved Medium voltage and low voltage Current transformers and Voltage transformers
trasformatore corrente

Medium Voltage - Current Transformers

Current transformers with insulation level between 7.2 kV and 36 kV
trasformatore di tensione

Medium Voltage - Voltage Transformers

Voltage transformers with insulation level between 7.2 kV and 36 kV
trasformatori metallici

Self protected outdoor Voltage Transformers

Outdoor Voltage transformers in metal case and equipped with protection fuses
trasformatori toroidali

Low Voltage - Ring Core Current Transformers

Ring Core current transformers to be fitted on insulated busbar systems or Medium Voltage cables, with insulation level between 0.72 kV and 1.2 kV
componenti ferroviari

Equipment for railway signaling system

Impedance bonds with copper or aluminum conductors, resonating filters

Our products

The range of Medium Voltage transformers includes more than 80 basic types with over 150 different special versions, each designed and tailored to customer applications.

All transformers are fully designed and manufactured within our company, which operates with Quality Assurance certified according to ISO 9001. Punctuality, as well as the timing of design and engineering, fully meet the needs of our customers. Current and Voltage Transformers (CTs and VTs), for indoor use, withstand a voltage insulation up to 36 KV. CTs for low voltage are mainly ring core type, in cast resin or taped.

All CTs and VTs for Medium Voltage are vacuum cast with synthetic resin of high quality. Current Transformer types include muffler type, tile type, windows type, three-phase type and other special types. Voltage Transformers types include phase-to-ground type and phase-to-phase type, with and without fuse, types with metallized surface to connect to ground attack Pfisterer, three-phase types and other special types.